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Grade 3/4 T record here what you have found interesting about your plant observations

Grade 3/4 T Broadbean Observations on PhotoPeach



Life Cycles

In one paragraph simply explain the life cycle of an animal. You can choose any animal you would like to look at further.

Life cycle of a butterfly

Life cycle of a frog

Science Inquiry Diary

This term we are inquiring scientists. As a class we are inquiring into the life cycles and food chains of different animals and plants and how these are interdependent on each other.
In class we are examining the life cycle of the broad bean plant and what it will need to survive.
We will be following scientific procedure to follow the development of our plant’s life cycle and record our results.
Preparing the soil
Planting and marking our seed’s position


Water the seeds


Stay tuned!

Visit the links below to view and share information on life cycles and food chains.

Food Chains

Life Cycle Of a Bean Plant

Great Barrier Reef Ecosystem








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