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It’s the afternoon and I’m reading a book in peace and quiet until the house starts shaking! I look out my window and find out that the house is flying! I try running downstairs and get out the front door but it’s locked. I run back upstairs and look out and make sure that we haven’t gotten up to far. We haven’t gotten to far up and there’s a string holding us to the ground. Phew!

One afternoon, I was enjoying a nice cup of coffee, when all of a sudden my house lifted of the ground. A friendly head popped out near the door. He said” I’m just taking your house for a ride. I went out of the door to see what he was talking about when I realized there were 100 balloons hanging from the roof. The weather vane was pointing to the North. I thought how cold we would go if we kept going. “GET ME DOWN!!!!” I screamed. “Ok” he said as he popped the balloons. He opened up his parachute. While he watched me rapidly pounding the windows. He threw a huge beanbag on the ground and the house bounced off the beanbag. I opened the door and looked around. He wasn’t there. It had seemed as if he disappeared. But I knew that was impossible. I looked around the house but he wasn’t there.

Hi 3/4T,
I am in Hong Kong Airport. We are waiting for our plane to have its gate open. From Australia to Hong Kong it takes 8 hours. It sucked. Our next flight is even worse. It is 13 hours from Hong Kong to Manchester. That is the flight we are taking. I hope everyone is having a great last week of school. I miss everyone so much and good luck to the student wellbeing girls at their concert.
In Hong Kong
From Paul

Stimulus picture
This is a floating house with birds flying around it. The house has a string underneath it attached to the house. The floating house has a sign on it but I can’t read it.

Once upon a time there was a old man and he had two grandaughters. They had a house but one day they decided to go on an adventure with their house so they attached it to a hot air balloon and flew accross the world and saw many different creatures like geese, ducks and many other birds until they came accross a parachuting lady in the sky and they said hello to each other. The end.

One morning when I was sleeping, I feel my home tilt to the side and my body rolls till I fall off. As I open my eyes I hear I quiet, Bang! What was it I thought.
I walk slowly to my living room and to surprise I see my expensive pot in pieces on the stone floor. I look out my window and I immediately thought that the worlds Gravity has been turned off. What could be happening?
I hear Loud squawks outside .
A group of crows a circling my home!

Hello I am Charlie,
And I am going to tell you about the Time my house was fling many people don’t believe me about this story but it is true.So it all began when I was at home alone relaxing on my favourite arm-Cher reading my favorite book and wearing my favorite cothes. “My tummy ackhes when I get shaken ” I read. Thinking of tummy ackes mine hurts. So I went to open the window to get somebfresh air. But before I opend the window, I had a little look outside but I couled not find the graned all I could see was misty white things that looked like big thick clades. So then I looked out anther window and I saw that I was flying! And I fanlly I remeberd that I had a skylight on the roof so I looked out there I saw 1… 2 3 4 5…6 7… 8 9 10 ballondes holding up the house! So I tryed to stayed carm by sitting on my favorite arm-chear but when I sat down it made the holl house fall down I was screaming as we went down! So when we were down I stoped skeaming the second I landers my dad came and walked in the front door “Charlie has the house been filing? ” said my dad ” amm yes ” I said.

I was on the par 5 playing in the US Open, when I looked up and saw a house drifting high in the sky. I looked very closely, inside was an old man and then I saw balloons. I was thinking of UP the movie that I watched as a kid. I closed my eyes and looked up their was nothing then, BANG, I was in bed. “I really wanted to win the US Open, some day, some day I thought.

I was blowing helium balloons for my friends birthday party.When suddenly,they all popped!!!The house filled up with helium,then the house started to float away.The house was floating in to space,I was losing oxygen.
I was finely in space.I had lost all oxygen and just when I could stand it no longer the house dropped to earth.
TO BE CONTINUED…………………………………………………..

Hi Mrs Grayson on touch typing I am on level 2 .
from Mikayla

Great work Mikayla

Pig the Pug was a very greedy dog. He had a brother named Trevor who was nice, but Pig was not like him, he was greedy. One day Trevor asked”It would be nice if we both played together” but pig refused. Then Pig piled his toys together and said “You can’t get my loot so you better go scoot.” But there Trevor realised that Pig was falling off his Toys. Be careful up there said Trevor. Pig fell off his Toys and out the window. Pig was covered in bandages and pig and Trevor played together.

James I like the use of quotes in your summary.

Pig was a pug and he lived with a sausage dog Trevor. Pig wasn’t very nice to Trevor. One day Trevor said to Pig “Can I play with you Pig?” Pig said “NEVER!” and stacked all his toys in a pile. Soon the pile started to shake and Pig fell out of the window behind him. While Pig was recovering Trevor and Pig played together.

The Life of Mary Mackillop
Mary Mackillop was born: 15 January 1842 Melbourne, Victoria. Her parents were from Scotland and they came to Australia to live. Alexander Mackillop was her Father. Flora Mackillop was her Mother. Mary had 3 Sisters and 4 Brothers. Mary cared about people especially the poor. Mary worked as a Teacher in South Australia. Mary died on the 8th of August 1909.

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