Welcome to 2016 34T


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Hi Everyone



We look forward to a wonderful year full of fun and learning.


Enjoy this link to a funny video


It’s a Book!

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It was so interesting and funny. My favourite part was when he said he will charge it when its done.

Hi Isabella. Yes I agree, it is funny.

Yes Isabella I agree.This is one of my favourites.

it was really funny my family love it.
from peter

That’s great Peter. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Great to hear Peter.

Hello everyone i am commenting about the video its a book i think its really funny because at the end a mouse appears on the apes head and says by lane smith

Yes Dylan I agree it is very funny.

Hello Mrs Grayson it’s me Anthony from last year. I’m having so much at Xavier. Thank you for teaching me last year. I hope we meet again soon someday. Bye I hope you have fun teaching.

Anthony Vu

Hi Anthony great to hear from you. Thanks for checking in on the blog

Hi 3/4T,

It was cool how it kept on thinking that it was a computer but IT’S A BOOK!

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