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This term SCIENCE ROCKS with our Inquiry unit:

Earth’s surface changes over time as a result of Natural processes and human activity.


We have been researching volcanoes and the catastrophic results they can have, in particular the destruction of Pompeii.

Please enjoy our shared Google  slides.

Please share your comments with us.

We are investigating the three different types of rocks found on earth.

What type of rock is the most common on Earth?

What does Ignis mean?


What type of rock did you find?

How can you tell?





View the video below to research information on the 3 types of rocks.



Rocks Rock with Chris



This term we are using persuasive words to express our point of view .

Our first topic is


It was interesting to see how opinions changed after reading and hearing some persuasive writing.We are recording our writing on our Sites.

Lest We Forget

What are your experiences or reflections about Anzac Day? What does it mean to you?

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I enjoyed the incursion with Chris because we looked at all the different types of rocks. We also looked at the formation of the rock and the description. For example the rock was red but was really iron inside the rock. I learnt that fossils are found in sedimentary rocks.

In class we have looked at Igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks. Types of igneous rocks are basalt, granite and pumice. Types of sedimentary rocks are limestone, sandstone, mudstone and siltstone to name a few. Types of metamorphic rocks include, quartzite and slate.

ANZAC Day Reflection

On the 25th of april we celebrate Anzac day. this year I went to a local dawn service. At the dawn service we remember all those people who went to war. Thousands were lost and less survived. We remember because we don’t want to fight in the war but they did and gave up their lives, family and friends. No one had the same life ever again.You had to be 18+ to go to war. Young boys who were at least 12 faked and went to war because the thought it would be an adventurous journey.

Thank you Annabel for your very thoughtful reflections.

this video is great my favourite part is when they speak about volcanos and igneous rocks.

A beautiful sentiment Isabella

Anzac day is a very special but sad day as
we remember the soldiers that fought in those
wars.So keep in your heart all the soldiers that
where brave but unfortunately had to die.

I enjoyed the incursion with Chris. I learnt lots of things about rocks. I learnt that Red = Iron and Green = Copper. I also learnt that you find fossils in sedimentary rocks, most fossils are either dead animals or dead plants.

In class we looked at igneous rocks, some igneous rocks are Basalt, Granite and Pumice. We also looked at sedimentary rocks, some sedimentary rocks are Sandstone, Mudstone, Limestone and Travertine. The last type of rock we looked at was metamorphic, some metamorphic rocks are Slate, Marble, Dolomite and most Crystals.

On Anzac Day we watch ‘Eddie the Eagle’. My parents were in Queensland on Anzac Day and they went to the Anzac March with my cousins and my Aunty and Uncle.

Angela, great to hear you are enjoying our Inquiry. Yes Science rocks!

Unfortunately I missed the incursion but I have really enjoyed learning about rocks. Because I love how they are formed and that some rocks are old and some are new and that they’re all different.

This year I did not get to go with my grandpa because he was very sick so he did not go

This year I did not get to go to the Anzac Day parade because my grandpa was very sick. He was in WW2. He was a pilot.

I loved the incursion with Chris.

I thought it was realy interresting how he talked about all the different types of rocks. Like the Igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks.

He also talked about the magma chamber and how volcanos erupt

Anzac Day is a special day because we remember the soldiers that fought for our country. I have never been to a dawn service but my mum would like to take me one day.



ANZAC Day is a day to reflect and show your thanks to all the soldiers that have fought in past wars. It is celebrated on 25th April each year. A symbol of remembrance is the Poppy, known around the world. On ANZAC day we see events like the Dawn Service and past soldiers marching.

Great reflection.

I really enjoyed the the incursion with Chris. I learnt many new things about rocks. I learnt that red is iron and green is copper.

In class we looked at igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. I learnt that igneous rocks are granite, basalt and pumice. I also learnt that sedimentary rocks are limestone, sandstone and mudstone and metamorphic rocks are marble, dolomite and slate.

On Anzac day my family and I made Anzac biscuits and we also celebrated Anzac Day with the rest of our family and friends and cousins.

Anzac day is a remembrance because the soldiers that were in World War 1 or 2 risked there lives for most of the world.

from Peter

Hi 3/4T,
I really liked reading all about what you have done this term. The thing that interested me the most was the slide-show about volcanoes. I really liked to read all of those facts. I learnt a fair bit watching that. I also liked most of the facts are detailed and true.

By Eden 🙂

Thank you Eden
We did edit a little more today so have another look.
Thanks 34T

I like what you are doing in class this term and I find the video very weird. In our persuasive writing we got to choose on should all kids have to play sport at least three times a week or if they shouldn’t


Hi Elliot
What video do you mean? Thanks 34T

This is Allegra from 3/4S. My class is all so learning about volcanos . I really like what your class is learning in class.It sounds really fun.
Allegra. f

I loved all of your comments

I think your blog is cool, because your doing volcanoes and rocks and people in my class are doing volcanoes. There is lots of things to learn about volcanos and how they can destroy the earth if they erupt. In Greece many years ago, a volcano erupted and 1 big island became many small islands because it broke up the land.

Hi 3/4T,
Great learning and the slides that you made were very good.

Hi 3/4 T,
I really enjoyed your slide deck on volcanoes. I was wondering if you know that the biggest volcano in our solar system is located on planet mars.

Hi 3/4 T, my name is George from 3/4 SW. I loved your slide show on volcanoes. I loved it because it gave me so many facts like how volcanoes erupt.

From George.

Hi 3/4T

In 3/4SW we are learning about volcanos too. Some people might be doing their personal inquiry on volcanos, it must be lots of fun. I hope you had a great time leaning about volcanos.


Hi 3/4T and Mrs Garyson.
I loved doing the volcano learning. Good job 3/4T.

Hello 3/4T,

Good job! I really like the slide but edit some more on things like capitals e.t.c. Otherwise I think it was great and there was lots of detail in all your slides.

From Angela in 3/4T!

Hi 3/4 T,

I think everyone has put a lot of effort in to the volcano slide. Every slide is fantastic with useful information.
Well done!!

The favorite slide was my one because I worked hard even if I didn’t do much. Plus I really liked everyone else’s slide.

Hi it’s Roman,
Can you tell me were you mainly find Sapphire?

also can you tell me what type of gem is compressed carbon?


Hi 3/4T
I really like all of your slides because they all have good facts about Volcanoes.

from Daniela

Hi everybody I really liked all of your slide’s they were all amazing.

Hello 3/4T I thought we did really well with the volcanoes slidedeck. It was very interesting about the facts everyone learnt. Keep going with the great work 3/4T.

Hi 34T

I really like the volcano slideshow. I think all the photos look SUPER AWESOME. I think every one did a FANTASTIC JOB.

Hi 3/4T,
I have really liked the volcano slide. I liked all the information about volcanoes. I have learnt a lot about volcanoes in and I have really liked it.

From Julian

Hi,i’m Massimo from 3/4sw.
My class is learning about volcanos too.
I really liked the slideshow it had so much

Hi,i’m Massimo from 3/4sw.
My class is learning about volcanos too.
I really liked the slideshow it had so much
From Massimo

I liked how the class explained what is inside and outside a volcano and what happens when it erupts. (I like to pictures too).

Dear 3/4T

I hope your having a great year or term. I hope your enjoying researching about what type of rocks come from. I have a question, What is Obsidian made out of?


Hi 3/4T,
That Rock incursion looks very cool.Did you learn about Sapphire’s and Emeralds?Also Anzac Day is very special day for the people who fought in the War.


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