A Special Gift for our Special Mums!


Posted by R Fitzgerald | Posted in Mother's Day | Posted on May 4, 2016

In 3/4T we made our mums a little present for Mother’s Day. We wish you a special Mother’s day. We created a Google Slidedeck. Each of us had our own slide with a picture of us with our mums. We wrote our own messages and created an image chef for our mums. Take a look and please leave us a comment…

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That`s great work by all of you. I love the image chef`s.

Wow 34T you are amazing!
Happy Mother’s Day to all your wonderful Mums.

Wow 3/4T^, Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers.

The work was amazing, it was such fun reading all your comments.

Have a great day
From Maria

Thank you Mrs. Grayson. Wishing you too a very lovely Mother’s day.
I loved each slide and all of 3/4 T has written so beautifully. Good Job.

Thank you

Dear 3/4T,
I really like your slideshow it is all so colourful
from Daniela

Hello 3/4T,
Your slidedeck is very detailed and is also very colourful. Hope the Mum’s liked it!! 😀
From Oakley (from 3/4LB)

Hi 3/4T, Good job, great slide shows. I thought they where really good and cool. I loved the pictures and great long texts for your mums and great image chefs.

Hi 3/4T,
I love your slidedeck it is so beutiful and deatailed.

Wow that was great and nice letters to all of the beautiful mothers

Hi 3/4T,

I loved all of your photos and messages to your mums. It’s so colourful and I love it!

Hi 3/4 T

I love all of your slide shows it is amazing and deatailed.

Hi 3/4T,
I was looking at your blog page and the Google slide you made for your mothers really stood out. I loved how much thought and effort when into it. It was also good to see that everyone contributed to the mini project. I wonder what you will for Father’s Day.

S.A 5/6JCC

Hi 3/4T,
I watched your Mother’s day posts and I hope your Mums liked it and I thought you did a good job.

Hi 3/4 T,
I wonder how your learning is going? I really enjoyed doing the Naplan testing in your classroom, it was great to have a change. I really like the way your classroom has been decorated, especially the front door of your classroom!

good job 34t

We did a great job 3/4 T we worked so hard to get this done.

Hello 3/4T

Great work on all your beautiful and colourful presentation for our mums. Keep it up


Good job on the slides 34T

Hi 34T,
Well done on the magnificent slideshow.

From Daniel

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