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Posted by R Fitzgerald | Posted in Cybersafety | Posted on May 4, 2016

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Hi 3/4T,
I agree that you should never give people that you just met on line your name or any other personal details like that.

Hello 3/4T,
I agree you should never give out personal details like your full name, address and phone number or other details like that.


Hi 34T,

I wanted you to know that background is cool and that all of those answer are absolutely the greatest answers in the world. What you said about the ‘do not play these games’ was a great idea for your class to learn about what not to put on the internet and what can be okay to be put on the internet.

From Roman in 34LB

WOW I didn’t know that they were all the games you shouldn’t be playing that is very interesting.

Hi 3/4 T,
It is important to be cybersafe because people could know your details but it is REALLY important to not give away your password or address. Firstly don’t give away your password because people can hack into your account and send rude emails to your friends. And if you give away your address they could hunt you down.

I agree that is what you should never play or do because something bad might happen to you or you might feel uncomfortable. Thanks for the advice and a question why did you include do not answer people you are allowed to answer them but don’t mention personal details but don’t reply at all if they say something rude just report it to a teacher or a parent.

You 3/4 would have spent a lot of time on this profile
Maybe you could do another one of these profiles about a different subject that you are doing in class?
I have even learnt something from this profile and I bet anyone else that has had a look at this would have as well, so keep up the good work 3/4’s 🙂

Hi 3/4T,

Great job on knowing what should and shouldn’t be going online. You guys must be really cybersafe.


Wow you guys really know about cyber safety you guys are going to be really safe online.

Hello 34T, Well done!
I agree on everything you say like not telling people were you live or meeting people offline if your only meet them on line, you can say your hobbies. I think you have covered everything. Well done again, I love your blog and your presentation about volcanoes.

Some very helpful tips there thanks 3/4T I’m sure I won’t do any of those things now that you’ve told me

Hello 3/4T,
From reading all of your should or should nots, I have learnt the importance of what you should pop in a profile and what you shouldn’t pop in your profile. Your learning is going very well.

-Hudson 3/4SW

Hi 3/4T,

That padlet was great, I liked the background and all of your guy’s ideas.


Hi 3/4 T I love the suggestions on cyber safety.

Hi 3/4T,
I think that this is an amazing post and that is because I learnt a couple of things about what I should put on my Instagram profile. I also loved the design and how you put it on the blog for others to see.


Hello 34T
I really loved going to the art gallerys it was lots of fun and it was so fun that i even went back to the gallery on sunday to see some of the paintings again and show my family around.


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