Term 3


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Welcome to Term 3
We have an exciting new Inquiry ahead.


How can we use the arts to communicate our ideas, understandings and feelings?



We also have an exciting visit to the National Gallery of Victoria coming up.

Please leave your comment about the visit below.ImageIMG_1255IMG_1219

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I really liked the NGV. I loved all the paintings and sculptures.

At the National Gallery I saw some great aboriginal painting. The painting makes me think of the kangaroos and the man hunt. My favourite painting was the square painting. There was a book in German and the man told me to read it and I red it on my own.

I really enjoyed the trip to the Ian Potter and the National Gallery of Australia. I also learnt that there can be more than one type of art, including abstract and sketching.

I really liked both of the galleries because all the art took time to paint and I felt relaxed. I feel in my own world and was thinking about all the paintings and how they were made and how they did it with out going out of the lines. Also how tidy some were and how some weren’t and I really liked the Volkswagen that was shaped as a circle even though it wasn’t one of the paintings.I also liked the one Doctor John painted because it made me feel relaxed and alone.

Great to see you take so much from the excursion Hugh.

I very much enjoyed the trip to the Ian Potter Gallery and the NGV. I also learnt what oil painting was for the first time. My favourite painting was, it is a really long name it is called Fight between the ship of the line, Jupiter and the French frigate, Preneuse, in the neighbourhood of Madagascar 11th October, 1799. it was painted in 1876 by Johan Bennetter. It is my favourite because I like the way it looks very realistic.

Wow, you really did learn quite a bit Nicholas.

I really liked going to the Ian Potter and the National Gallery of Australia it was fun to try and find all the paintings in our booklet. I enjoyed every bit of the excursion.

Great to hear Capri

Dear 3/4T,
I liked your excursion to the National Gallery. The pictures that you took looked amazing and stunning. I wish I was there. There is photo of the massive painting and all the students sitting down in front of the painting observing the painting really tells how dedicated you are towards your topic that is a good thing.
From Paul 5/6JCC

Thanks Paul

My favourite part was the NGV. I like the fake food expo and the watermelon video. My favourite art piece was the rattling bowls because it was very different.

Great to hear you enjoyed the excursion Isabella.

I really like the excursion to the museum it was full of paintings and statues the paintings made me feel creative.

I thought it was fun, especially the digitally designed drawings. One was a toxic symbol and there was a 3D Darth Vader head. i really enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed all of the art work. It was great fun to look at all the paintings and sculptures. Lots of paintings looked like they were painted a long time ago and some looked like they were recently painted. all the paintings looked like they took a long time to paint.

Dear 3/4T.
That looks awesome I love going to gallery’s I wish I was there.
From what I saw in the pictures the paintings looked awesome and so real.
From Roman in grade 6.

Thanks Roman
Yes it was a great visit.

Dear 3/4T,
I believe my wish has come true.
The 5/6’s did go to see the National Gallery of Victoria/ NGV.
We also had a great time.
From Roman in grade 6.
🙂 🙂


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