Posted by Mrs Grayson | Posted in Explorers | Posted on February 13, 2014

3/4 T  have been discussing the reasons why people explore.

We have looked at different places explorers have been around  our world.

We are now looking at explorers that  inspire us and would like to learn more about.

What explorer has taken your interest?


We look forward to our visit to Polly Woodside on Feburary 25th. Stay tuned!


Polly Woodside History (click )



Polly WoodsidePolly Woodside is a Belfast-built, three-masted, iron-hulled barque, preserved in MelbourneAustralia, and forming the central feature of the South Wharf precinct. The ship was originally built in Belfast by William J. Woodside and was launched in 1885. 


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